Creativity Practicourse

Creativity Practicourse

  • $18,000.00

Add powerful thinking tools to the “creative toolbox” allowing your teams to generate innovative communication ideas – on demand. 2 days highly interactive creativity practicourse (in your city).




SIT - Systematic Inventive Thinking® - offers this specialized training program for marketing professionals based on its unique "tool-box" of innovative and creativity techniques.

In this unique program, creativity becomes far more built-into the fabric of your team, while learning the core principles and tools of SIT's unique approach


Program Goals

1. Overcome "creative blocks",exploit "hidden" opportunities in marketing briefs.

2. Apply unique creative tools forgenerating creative concepts across all mediaandtouch points with consumer

3. Introduce acommon languagefor innovation and marcom

4. Gain aninnovation Toll-Boxin communication

4. Apply SIT's Innovation approach tore-shape your team's idea creation process.



  • Unique Thinking Toolsthat can be applied on generating creative concepts, new product ideas and marcom solutions.
  • Common Innovation Terminologyfor all participants that would serve them in their everyday work.
  • Practiceon actualwork challengesof the participants and generatinginnovative and creative marketing ideas.



2 days on-site combining plenary sessions and breakout sessions, aimed at learning and applying innovation and marcom tools & techniques.